Spectacular light show

Drone FX

Drone FX by Pyrofoor

In addition to the current pyro and SFX products and services, Pyrofoor now also facilitates complete drone shows: environmentally friendly and very impressive!

Where creativity meets technique

Pyrofoor does not simply bring the drones to a specific location, but offers a new way to breathe life into your story. This additional dimension will be programmed completely according to your wishes in Pyrofoor’s fully equipped 3D studios. Our years of creative and technical knowledge regarding events are at your disposal.

These services are available to everyone, among other things for:

  • Dance events
  • Corporate events
  • National events
  • Branding and marketing campaigns
  • Weddings
  • Opening of buildings
  • Anniversaries
  • Private events

The shows are always accompanied by RPA-L certified pilots who guarantee the safety of the project. Of course, the permit process is also part of the package.