From introduction to evaluation


Pyrofoor | Holland van Boven

Pyrofoor de Amsterdam through the eyes of TV show Holland van Boven (literally: Holland from Above). A look behind the scenes at Pyrofoor de Amsterdam – the best Dutch fireworks and special effects company.

Source: Holland van Boven
Special thanks to: b2s / HardBass


  • Clear communication.
  • A dedicated point of contact.
  • CAD drawings with various software packages.
  • Handling the permit process for pyro.
  • Comprehensive safety measures.

From introduction to evaluation, a project manager from Pyrofoor will be at your service. The project manager will guide you through the entire project. Through good planning, we can join you in your pre-production process at an early stage. We make ample time for this to get the most out of your event.

Clear communication and direct lines of communication are paramount. We provide an extensive rider with what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Based on the budget, we will draw up a plan together to get started. We work based on various software packages to deliver CAD drawings that can easily be combined with a main drawing.

Of course we also provide you with the proper permits and insurance for your fireworks display and guide you through all of the safety measures and requirements that Pyro and Special FX involve. Once the pre-production has been clearly planned, the designer and programmer will join the project to take on the creative aspects with you.

When the pre-production is completed and the programming is ready, our team will ensure that the set is built safely and that the show can run smoothly.
After the event, we will always be open to an evaluation to tackle any bottlenecks in the process for future productions.