Your most frequently asked questions, our answers

Q: Do you also sell fireworks to individuals?
A: No. We only provide complete fireworks displays for companies and individuals.

Q: What information does Pyrofoor need from me?
A: In order to arrive at a proposal for a suitable show, Pyrofoor de Amsterdam needs the following information from you:

  • The date on which the show must take place and the exact time of the show
  • A precise description of the location where the show will take place.
  • The distance between the firing location and the audience, buildings and any vulnerable objects
  • The name, telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person(s)
  • An indication of the available budget

Based on this information, Pyrofoor de Amsterdam will quickly submit a quotation to you. Of course, the aspects of the proposal can still be changed and adapted to your wishes. If you are satisfied with the proposal, and you agree to the offer, Pyrofoor de Amsterdam will immediately submit the notification or permit application to the relevant government. Pyrofoor de Amsterdam will also maintain all contacts with the inspection authorities. You do not have to submit an application yourself. If Pyrofoor de Amsterdam’s contribution will be part of a larger event, an event permit will have to be granted.

Q: Are professionals allowed to set off fireworks anytime and anywhere?
A: No. For each show in which fireworks are used, a notification must be submitted or a permit must be applied for at the relevant department of the provincial government. A notification is for a small show, while a larger show with heavier fireworks requires a permit. This application describes precisely where the fireworks will be set off, at what time they will be set off and what fireworks products will be set off. The application should also specify the safety distances to be maintained between the location where the fireworks will be set off and the public, buildings and other objects in the vicinity. A notification must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, and a permit application must be submitted at least 14 weeks in advance. The provincial government will assess whether the application complies with the laws and regulations that apply in the Netherlands. Any interested parties (especially local residents or people who have a business in the area) will be given the opportunity to lodge an objection. If the notification or permit application fully complies with the legal requirements, the provincial government concerned will grant permission or issue the permit. Fireworks can only be set off once this entire process has been completed. It goes without saying that provincial employees will check whether the fireworks are being prepared and set off in accordance with the rules.

Q: Can I set off fireworks myself?
A: Only on 31 December from 18:00 to 1 January 02:00 is it permitted to set off fireworks that are suitable for private use. Outside these times, private individuals are not permitted to set off fireworks. That can only be done by qualified pyrotechnicians who can prove their qualifications by means of certificates, and who are employed by a government-certified fireworks company that has the appropriate permits. Private individuals cannot request an exemption from a municipality for lighting fireworks. You therefore will not receive permission to do so.