We are Pyrofoor

The passion of our people

The driving force behind Pyrofoor de Amsterdam are the people. Their years of experience, passion, unbridled dedication and urge to innovate have made the company what it is today. Everyone contributes in his or her own way to raising the bar and taking the company to a new level every time. No challenge is too big and no programming is too difficult for the Pyrofoor de Amsterdam team!

We are Pyrofoor

We are Pyrofoor

In addition to our extensive range of pyro, we also offer a wide array of special FX (SFX). Thanks to good teamwork and good operational management, we can offer this in one package for your event, without compromising on it. Here, too, we ensure that our range continues to innovate so that we can provide your event with the latest equipment that will continue to surprise your visitors! Among other things, we deliver various types:

  • Fire- and flame effects;
  • CO2 effects;
  • Smoke effects;
  • Spark effects;
  • Confetti and streamer effects;

Our firing equipment for both pyro and SFX is the most modern and extensive in the Netherlands. Because we work with various suppliers, the selection of fireworks effects and SFX that we have at our disposal for our shows is practically endless. We have a very wide selection of tools required for the effective and safe use of fireworks and SFX. We develop and produce many of these tools in-house. This enables us to respond to the legal requirements in almost every situation.

Even more important than our equipment is Pyrofoor’s solid expertise and extensive experience in the firework industry. All of Pyrofoor employees are therefore VCA and KIWA certified.



Q­-dance | Defqon.1 Weekend Festival, Qlimax, X-Qlusive en meer | Jonas Schmidt
'Sinds jaar en dag is Pyrofoor betrokken bij de shows van Q-dance. Speciaal voor de afgelopen editie van Defqon.1 zijn door Pyrofoor en Q-dance nieuwe custom made effecten bedacht en uitgewerkt. De toonaangevende shows worden door Q-dance gecreëerd en de samenwerking met Pyrofoor maakt de shows af. Waardoor elk jaar de lat niet 1, maar 4 latten hoger gelegd wordt.'

Mysteryland | Sander Vermeulen
De samenwerking tussen Mysteryland en Pyrofoor gaat al járen terug. Elk jaar wordt door Paul en zijn team alles uit de kast getrokken; van de voorbereidingen, tot aan de show. Het vuurwerk en de special effects zijn de puntjes op de i bij alle stages en mede daardoor wordt Mysterland magisch.
Op naar nog vele mooie jaren!


Alda | New Horizons & Amsterdam Music Festival | Maarten Hoogland
‘The reason why Alda likes to work with Pyrofoor is simple: they are a creative partner for us and understand like no other how they can use pyro and special FX to enhance the shows and support DJs and acts in performance. Clear communication with organisations and artists is a very strong pillar in this.’


b2s | decibel outdoor festival, Pussy Lounge at the park, HardBass, and other events | Janna Avezaat
‘In the many years of cooperation with Pyrofoor, we have been able to create many beautiful things. As part of the show team, together, we made the final shows of our festivals into what they are today. In this way we always strive for the coolest, newest and/or most impactful elements to make the show a huge success. The Pyrofoor team has made an indispensable contribution to this and has a very pleasant way of working, both in the preliminary phase and in the execution.’


Luso Pirotecnia | Eurovision Song Contest Lisbon 2018 | Vera Trindade
"Pyrofoor is a reference of quality and competence in the SFX & Pyro business. It's always a pleasure working with Paul and his team. You can count that the final result of their work will be magical and unforgettable."
Project Eurovision Song Contest carried out in collaboration with Grupo Luso Pirotecnia.