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Special FX

Special effects at Mysteryland

Confetti is always a good mood creator, which was also the case at Mysteryland 2019.
Add some inflatable crocodiles and good music, and the party is complete!

Special FX

  • Always up-to-date hardware.
  • Wide range of various types.
  • Large numbers available and in-house.
  • Safety comes first, therefore only A-quality materials.
  • All our hardware is DMX controlled.
  • Programming in time code possible.

Special FX, also known as Special Effects or SFX, comes in many different forms. Our wide range of products offers possibilities for every type of event. With us, you have a wide selection of Special FX. With our extensive knowledge of Special FX, we can provide you with sound advice on how to use the Special FX as efficiently as possible.

We only use A-quality material that meets the highest safety standards to all our hardware is DMX controlled and can be programmed in time code shows to enable the show to run optimally.

What type of Special FX do we offer? Below is a broad overview of the effects that we offer:

  • Flame effects with various fuels, heights, colours and flames that can shoot from different angles. We also make custom flame objects with fire rope or gas.
  • If fireworks are not an option for your event, spark effects are the next best thing. These devices mimic a fountain effect. No license needed and longer time to use with a single load.
  • Smoke effects. From smoke machines equipped with LED to colour the smoke to heavy duty low fog machines that fill the floor like a thick carpet of smoke.
  • CO2 effects. From handheld guns to jets with a DMX controlled tilting head.
  • Bubble effects. From heavy duty bubble machines to bubble machines that produce smoke-filled bubbles.
  • Confetti and streamer effects. From small handheld shooters to high air pressure hardware that shoots confetti and streamers up to 40 meters away!